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You’re the first thing I think of
Each morning when I rise
You’re the last thing I think of
When I close my eyes

You’re in each thought I have
And every breath I take
My feelings are growing stronger
With every move you make

You’re an angel from above
who takes away my pain
My love for you is so strong
It’s always just the same

You’re the miracle in my life
Who can always make me smile
Just knowing that you care
Makes my life worth-while

You’ve touched my heart and soul
Which you have from the start
Your warm soft words
Will never leave my heart

You are everything I want
You’re so pure and true
I love you with everything I have
And I love everything that you do.

love poem


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Safar tanha nahee’n kartay..
Suno aisa nahee’n kartay…
Jisay shaffaaf rakhna ho…Usay maila nahee’n kartay…
Safar jis ka muqaddar ho…Usay roka nahee’n kartay…
Jo mil kar khud say kho jaey…Ussay ruswa nahee’n kartay…
Chalo tum raaz ho apna…Tumhai’n afshaa nahee’n kartay…
Jo dhun ho kar guzarnay ki…To phir saucha nahee’n kartay…
Tairi aankho’n ko parrhtay hain…Tujhay daikha nahee’n kartay…
Seher say poochh lo mohsin…K hum soya nahee’n kartay…

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