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She is the first to wake up every morning,
With a smile as bright as sunshine,
With a loving heart and friendly soul;

She is the last to go to bed,
With a promise of a wonderful day ahead;
She is my true friend, The only true one;

She consoles me when I am hurt,
Helps me through hard times,
Celebrates my victories however small they may be;

She loves me in a big way,
Too big to say in words,
I owe her a lot;

There is no mother that is better than my mother—-a great mother.

Poems on Mother


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Friendships come and Friendships go Like wave upon the sand
Like day and night
Like birds in flight
Like snowflakes when they land
But you and I are something else
Our friendship’s here to stay
Like weeds and rocks and dirty socks
It never goes away!


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